I am attempting to develop for the CC2540 device from Texas Instruments. It has been noted the binary portions of their bluetooth stack that have been released are not compatible with SDCC. What is the most likely reason for such incompatibilities, and are they fixable with only object code?

With the files found on http://www.ti.com/tool/ble-stack?DCMP=wbu-blestack&HQS=blestack (warning: .exe autoextracter; look in "Projects/ble/Libraries") I was hoping to be able to pinpoint any discrepancies by perusing the disassembly of the object files and attempt a manual or semi-manual fix. I simply don't know what to look for. The CC2540 is a good enough offering I'm willing to bend over backwards a little.

Is this doable? What could possibly be different between IAR and SDCC code? How hard would it be to, say, translate the object code/a raw disassembly to a different memory model/whatever issue?

Thanks for your time.