Those version numbers seem very high. I've got asx8051 v01.70 from Feb-1999 here. Linker V01.75. Where did you get the newer ones from?
Dan Ellis.

From: [] On Behalf Of Robert Collins
Sent: 20 December 2007 19:36
Cc: Robert Collins
Subject: [Sdcc-user] Problem integrating SDCCLIB files and newer AS8051 files

We have a project that uses SDCC for C compilation.  We need to integrate our C files with 8051 assembler files.  Our assembler guy is using ASX8051 version 4.00.  The version of asx8051 that comes with SDCC doesn't compile his code, so we're forced to use the newer asx8041.
aslink that comes with SDCC won't link his code with the SDCC output .REL files.  The program just hangs and never finishes.
The newer ASLINK (v4.00 or v4.11) doesn't seem to be compatible with the .LIB files created by SDCCLIB or distributed with SDCC (such as libsdcc.lib).
So what's the best way to use the v4.00 assembler, and use SDCC C compiler, library manager, and link all of this stuff together?
Robert Collins

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