It has been some time since I posted this mail but dint get any reply.I have also logged a bug in the bug list for this [Bug# 1527564].


Need your help on this




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I am working on SDCC for quite some time now. I have noticed that many a times iCode generation phase

Produces incorrect iCode but in the CSE pass (for eg. In algebraicOpts())  Sandeep Dutta have put some kludgy fixes which convert that

Incorrect iCode to correct one.


I wanted to know was there any specific reason for this behavior. Why don’t we generate the correct iCode in the ast2iCode pass itself.


I am asking this because there is a SERIOUS DRAWBACK of this approach that one cannot disable the optimization pass (CSE) as

In such case incorrect assembly will be produced. If I use –nogcse option then compiler will generate incorrect code.


Please let me know the reason for it as I want to disable the optimization passes.



Jatin Bhateja

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