hi Maarten,

nice to be here, thanks! :-)

Actually these are only template projects for beginners (like me), not real sdcc contributions. The only exception might be the stm8 header file, which would probably make sense to provide together with sdcc. However, I am not sure if my implementation suits the standards and/or format which would be accepted by everybody.  

As a side remark: I just checked with Edward if I can upload my templates to his project http://sourceforge.net/projects/stm8samples/  So, hopefully, the projects will be more visible soon, and also be versioned properly. If Edward agrees, Iíll notify it here.

Georg I.


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Subject: Re: [Sdcc-user] STM8 template project and header file
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Hello Georg,

Welcome to the sdcc mailing list ;)

If you want to send a contribution to SDCC, please post it as a
patch in the tracker system. Here everyone can find and get it and
it may eventually end up in the SDCC distribution itself. Here's the
link to the patch tracker:



hi again,

the below link doesn?t work, sorry. Here?s the correct link: http://www.cream-tea.de/public/STM8_Template.zip

Regards, Georg