To Whom it may concern,

                             Let me introduce myself. I am teaching electronics/electrical engineering in the Higher Colleges of Technology , Abu Dhabi. I have specialized in the development of microprocessor/microcontroller development systems for many years and I’m currently putting the finishing touches to a development system for the 8051 microcontroller and its derivatives.

I have developed hardware for full in-circuit emulation , full-speed , single-step , breakpoints etc.  and full software development including Windows-based IDE with assembler,dissasembler , simulation and with USB communication to the hardware. The only thing it lacks at the moment is a C cross-compiler. I thought about starting to develop a C compiler then realized the formidable task for one person to do it alone.

Firstly , could I implement SDCC C compiler for 8051 support in my system ?

Secondly I would like to port it into my IDE which is developed under Visual Studio , Visual C++.


Can you see any problems in doing this , both from the logistics as well as copyright issues,




David J. Kelly