Thanks a lot for your help, Karl and Maarten :-).

I found that ADuC84x.h file and used it to successfully compile a simple "Hello ADuC841" program. SDCC did generate the .ihx file and I could download that file into the uC, but seems it didn't work (tried with the .hex file too but didn't work neither...). For now, I'm using the official Windows Serial Downloader from Analog Devices to download the file into the uC (works perfectly with Wine), so I can ensure that the problem I'm having is with the compiler and not the downloader.

I'll keep working on it and try to find some code examples. I'll tell you if I finally can do it :-).

Thanks again for your answer :-).


2011/2/10 Maarten Brock <>
Karl is not completely right here.

> Your header file should work fine, you need to refer to the sdcc
> manual,  there are slight differences between the keil  interrupt syntax
> and SDCC.

This header file NOT work with SDCC. It assigns values to sfr typed
variables that the linker will place at random addresses. It needs sfr
definitions in SDCC syntax. Luckily for you SDCC already ships an
<ADuC84x.h> header file.


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