Can you try the flags given below.
LFLAGS = -Wl-bBANK1=0x18000 -Wl-r

2010/8/27 ͼ <>



I successfully compiled the FreeRTOS 6.0.1 on 8051 based processor.

Using the code bank technique. The output hex file has dummy(i guess) image on address 0x0000.

Delete the dummy image at 0x0000 and split the hex image into per banks.

The image is run ok on two banks successfully.

I use SDCC 2.9.7.


Why the dummy image is generated when the code bank feature used?

LFLAGS = -Wl-bBANK0=0x80000 -Wl-bBANK1=0x18000 -Wl-r

use the crtbank.asm


The image is genearated as follows.


:020000004000FA           <- garbage line i think. (LINE 1)

:0400000000200683260   <- this is valid line with reset vector.




The first line and some other lines with addrss 0, cannot understand.




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