Hi Luca,

I've been using sdcc for my SpeccyBoot project. You can have a look at http://speccyboot.sourceforge.net/build.html#software to see more, such as how to download the source.

There are two tricks I've been using:
(1) use objcopy to create a binary file from sdcc's generated ihex file,
          objcopy -I ihex -O binary ihex_file binary_file
(2) a custom tool for generating a .wav audio file (including a little BASIC loader) from the binary

I'm considering making the wav generator tool a bit more generic than it is -- it is currently rather specific to my project. For now, you can view it as a starting point for generating .wav files yourself.

-- Patrik

2010/11/29 Luca Masini <lmasini@web.de>

I would like to try to use sdcc to porth pforth
to zx spectrum.

Would anyone explain me how to compile a simple
hello world program using sdcc?

just to bootstrap.

For ex. with z88dk I can do
  zcc +zxansi -lndos -lm -create-app -ohello.tap hello.c
to produce hello.tap (already in tape format)

thanks for any info.



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