I'm trying to make an naked interrupt function for pic14 (pic16f876a), in page 48 of SDCC's manual I found this example for 8051:

void nakedInterrupt(void) __interrupt (2) __naked
      inc     _counter ; does not change flags, no need to save psw
      reti    ; MUST explicitly include ret or reti in _naked

I also found some examples for pic16 (PIC18Fxxx) but anyone for pic 14 and  the compiler retuns me syntax error:

byteptr@eeepc-byteptr:~/trabajos/PLL$ sdcc -mpic14 -p16f876 --nogcse  pllfifo.c -o pllfifo

pllfifo.c:120: syntax error: token -> '__naked' ; column 42

this is the header of the ISR routine:

void serialisr(void) __interrupt 0 __naked

Is naked property implemented for pic 14 ?, if not why? and how can I make for overcome this problem?

thanks in advance