Hello all,

I commited ucsim ports for STM8 and ST7 architectures. I tried to make them complete as quickly as possible. Therefore I tested just addressing modes on several instructions. Does anybody have an idea how to automatically test the complete instruction set ?

If you want to compile ucsim in minsys environment wih MinGW compiler, I did it following way:
1. ./configure
2. copy ddconfig.h and custom.h from sdccstm project at sf.net (the one that STM8 branch here comes from)
3. make

Otherwise I had problem with following error:
pstr.h:36:22: fatal error: predefs.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
utils.cc:129:2: error: #error No vasprintf or vsnprintf

The more testers will be, the better code will be resulting. So - try to use it.