the first depends on what code is unreachable, and whether it's really unreachable. can be a problem caused by a curly bracket in the wrong place or by a while (1) {} loop.
the second I don't know about... what it means isn't clear to me

more importantly... they're warnings... they might not be relevant. if the code it compiles correctly and does what you want it to do, you can safely ignore them I guess... but finding out why these warnings are generated is always the best option.


2007/3/21, Vineet Golchha <>:
Hello group,
  Have recently started using the SDCC compiler for 8051 controllers.
I found two warnings coming up when I compile the code.

1. warning 126 : unreachable code.
2. warning 59 : conditional flow changed by optimizer.


1.Can anyone tell me what this means?
2.Also can they be ignored?

Best Regards,

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