Thanks for that.

as for the svn repositry... I have absolutely no clue how that works, but I defenately will try it... I'm still using 2.6.0 I guess...
Though the initial problem is solved, being a problem caused by the way Piklab invokes SDCC

anyone interested in using an IRC channel on freenode? I opened and registered the channel #sdcc-user for testing... if any of the developers feels this is a good idea, they can take over #sdcc-user or i can drop this one, and replace it with #sdcc... I think IRC is easier than these mailing lists... it's at least a good alternative for people who want quick answers... I'm amazed that sdcc doesn't have any IRC channels yet...

Luit van Drongelen

2007/2/7, Raphael Neider <>:
Hi Luit,

Update to Ernst's hint on having your target device added:
I just added support for the pic18f[24][34]31 family to the repository
version, SDCC 2.6.4 r4623. You should now be able to use an unpatched
mainstream version for your project. As nightly builds are still down,
you might consider pulling the latest revision directly from svn.


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