Hello everybody,

I try to use SDCC for my project but I had several problems.
Now I wrote a small test app and found that the following happens:
(Printf goes to an LCD through putchar)

printf("text") ; // Works fine 


char *version="1.00";
printf("test %s",version);

produces crap on the LCD when the string through %s should be printed.

Controller : SAB 80C515
64kB Flash, 64kB XRAM

Makefile options:

CFLAGS = -V --model-large --stack-auto --xstack-loc 0x0FFF0 --iram-size 0x100 --xram-size 0x10000 --code-size 0x10000 --verbose -L /Developer/sdcc/share/sdcc/lib/large

Thanks for all help,