Hi Raphael,

I will try interrupt disabled for once. But your suggested __gptrget variation I have already tested long ago. The getting seemed to work fine that time. Anyway, won't hurt to give it another try. I will talk about the configuration bits in the other thread...


On 1/18/07, Raphael Neider <rneider@web.de> wrote:
Hi Rodrigo,

> Variations #0 and #2 work fine on the device but variation #1 doesn't
> turn any led on. Strangely, when testing variation #1 with gpsim it
> seems to work fine (the command "symbol _PORTA" returns 0b00000000 and
> the same for PORTB).

So then, you might try to test your code variations with interrupts
disabled (the interrupt assembly code looks good, but...).
Further you might try `Variation #1a' below, which includes __gptrget
but not __gptrput.

You also seem to not set any configuration bits. Maybe (though
improbable) you are bitten by the watchdog in the longer code
(__gptrputX and __gptrgetX add some cycles compared to dereferencing a
__data pointer)?
>From the data sheet I gather that a default value in the CONFIG2L
register enables Brown-Out Reset but specifies a `reserved' threshold
voltage. Your other code fragments, work though, so this should not be
the cause of your problems either...

  Variation #1a:
/* sample code to setup CONFIG bits */
unsigned char __at(__CONFIG2H) conf2h = _WDT_DISABLED_CONTROLLED_2H;

void main(void)
    unsigned char c;
    unsigned char *p;


    c = 0x12; // initialized to match below
    p = &c;

    LATA = 0x10; // turn off green led
    LATB = 0x10; // turn off orange led

    if (*p == 0x12) LATA = 0x00; // turn on green led
    if (c == 0x12)  LATB = 0x00; // turn on orange led

Good luck in finding the bug (I am pretty much out of ideas by now),

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