On 11/4/07, Stefano Salvi <stefano@salvi.mn.it> wrote:
I'm planning to introduce 68HC08 programming in my school.
I'm working on Linux platform and want to use open source software.
I choose SDCC as the compiler - it satisfes the requirements.
As an IDE I schoose Code::Blocks, as it was open source, multiplatform
and supported SDCC.
I'm developing a debugger/programmem module to deploy the developed code
to a target board and debug it using the native HC08 tools.
Now I see that CodeBlocks project never released Version 1.0 and I fear
the developement is halted.

No, it is not halted, IMO it is quite active, they just don't do releases, so you have to use svn or a snapshot (which work good).

If you are using current sdcc ( i.e. from cvs) you can also use cmake (http://www.cmake.org, http://www.cmake.org/Wiki/CmakeSdcc) (cvs or 2.6 as soon as it is released) to generated project files for it. Such a cmake file looks in the simplest case like this:
add_executable(hello main.c tool.c)

CMake can then generate makefiles for you or project files for
-Eclipse + CDT4
-CodeBlocks (CodeBlocks project generator in CMake very new, not widely tested, testing appreciated).

This has the advantage that your students don't have to care about Makefile syntax and don't have to add build targets etc. manually to the projects (and they get full dependencies etc.)