On Jun 28, 2012, at 8:11, "Borut Ražem" <borut.razem@gmail.com> wrote:

On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 3:48 PM, Maarten Brock <sourceforge.brock@dse.nl> wrote:

> After all the mess I created with my changes is difficult to prohibit
> the commits to anyone :-[

No worries. It was a problem that needed to be fixed.
All your work is appreciated.

> I just quickly looked to the patch file without applying it. My only
> concern is "double-build of SDCCy.h": I tried several times to solve
> this mess but I never succeeded. Hopefully you did it in the right way...

Well, what I've done is remove it from the sdcc project
since it already is in the yacc project. And all
projects that need it (should) depend on the yacc
project. While it was also in the sdcc project it would
recreate SDCCy.h in the last steps of the build and thus
the next build would start all over again compiling
everything that depended on it.

If I remember well, I had problems when I tried to build the "all" project vs. building only sdcc project: or yacc was not built at all or it was built two times, which ruined dependencies as you explained above. 
It's still not completely ok, but now it only wants to
rebuild the sdcc and version projects and not
everything. But I also suspect a problem in Visual
Studio with the checking of dependencies. Maybe I'll
have another look after the release or when VS2012 is

The problem is that I read somewhere that VS2012 Express edition won't include C/C++ compiler any more. In this case we will have to remain on VS2010 ;-( 
Not sure where you heard that, this article from the VS team says it will. 
Btw. is there a particular reason you modified the
vcxproj files by hand instead of using the properties in
the IDE? Now the special build events are not visible in
the IDE. Or is this a result of upgrading?

I don't remember that I modified vcproj files by hand (this doesn't mean that I didn't ;-). I notices that in your patch some lines in project files just changed the position. Is this the problem?
> Maarten, please go ahead an apply the patch.
> Borut

Ok, I will.

Hopefully this will be the last changes for RC3.

I would like to make the RC3 build ASAP as Philipp proposed, probably tomorrow after the snapshot builds are cooked.

Patryc, in case you are reading this, can you please confirm if the "doble backslashes on Win98" probelm is fixed?

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