I am trying to implement a second UART on 89C52 by looking at atmel application note no. ANM 055.
On a simulator I see the P3.4 (corresponding to TxD) changing properly but nothing gets received by a computer. The connections are fine. I am appending the code below wherein character 'A' is intended to be transmitted continuously.. I shall be thankful for any help / insight.

#define TxD1 P3_4
#define RxD1 P3_3

#define ST_SPEED 16

  bit  sr_ready;
  bit sr_error;
  bit sr_incom;
 unsigned char sr_ch;
 unsigned char sr_count;
 unsigned char sr_status;
 unsigned char sr_char;
 unsigned char rotate;
 unsigned char st_char;
 unsigned char st_count;
 unsigned char st_status;


void timer1_isr()  interrupt 3
{    unsigned char a;

if(!st_status) {TxD1=1; TxD1=0;  st_count=  ST_SPEED; st_status++; return;}  //send start bit
st_count--; if(st_count!=0) { return;} // time to change the bit?

if(st_status<=8) { a=st_char>>rotate; B=a;TxD1=b_0; st_count=ST_SPEED; rotate++;st_status++; return;}  //send bit
else  if (st_status==9){ st_ready=1; TxD1=1; rotate=0; st_count=  ST_SPEED;st_status++;return;}   // send stop bit
else if(st_status>9) { st_status=0;return;}

void main()
{  rotate=0;
 st_char ='A'; st_count=ST_SPEED; st_status=0;   TCON=0x40; TMOD=0x20; TH1=0xe8; SCON=0x52;
 PCON=0;   ET1=1; EA=1;

Ulhas Vaidya
Cell No: 098695 74699