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Code-size wise, an huge improvement to this port would be an option to use an overlayed local variable allocator, just like the 8051 one, because at the moment, the pic16 port uses a full stack based code generator, which is rather inefficient (and very few functions really need reentrancy).

But I have no time to code it, and I know it's a complex matter :(

So that's just a "nice to have" item for a todo list.

Sebastien Lorquet

Le 05/09/2013 19:55, Philipp Klaus Krause a écrit :
> Am 05.09.2013 19:10, schrieb Diego Herranz:
> > Please enable the regression tests, it would be a great start.
> > On your opinion, is there any chance for this port to become more
> > stable? What are the most important missing/broken things?
> > Thanks a lot!
> Yes, I think this port has a chance to become stable. I am surprised
> by how well it works; it seems to be in a better shape than the gbz80
> port used to be. And that one was resurrected with not too much effort.
> There are some missing things, but the broken things are the big
> issue. To be considered stable, it should at least pass all regression
> tests for basic functionality.
> These are a few important ones, that have an
> #ifndef __SDCC_pic16
> in the code.
> tests/bitwise.c
> tests/bool.c:
> tests/muldiv.c
> tests/onebyte.c
> To help make sdcc more stable, remove the
> #ifndef __SDCC_pic16
> check if they still fail with current sdcc, and if they do fix
> whatever bug causes the failure.
> Philipp
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