I propose to create separate branches in sdcc svn tree rather then open new sf projects for such developments. I think that Philipp and Leland already proved it with their work on rabbit port, optralloc ant other sub projects.


On 06. 12. 2012 20:26, Vaclav Peroutka wrote:
Dear Daniel,

I will be very glad if somebody will have a time to continue on what I started - and apparently not able to finish it now.

There is stuff for ST7 and STM8 in some state of development.

I am still in hope that I could return to it during winter. But I cannot promise it.


On Thu, 6 Dec 2012, Vaclav Peroutka wrote:

Hi Vaclav,

> - ucsim - port is (as far as I remember) prepared but untested

It's very nice to hear that somebody is extending features of ucsim.

I'm going to pick up and continue to work on ucsim, some new things
are implemented already. By the way, I'm merging changes of trunk into
my branch.

If you don't mind I will try to merge your work too.