Dear sdcc users and developers,

some of you probably already noted that we have a new snapshot build: Rasbian on ARMv6 armhf (armv6l-unknown-linux-gnueabihf). The news is that today the regression test star changed it's color from red to green, which means that all regression tests pass (see

I think that this is a quite important step since many devices (netbooks, tablets, smartphones, ...) are running Linux on ARM processors (currently mainly Android, other knocking on the door).

As for each new platform I learned something new from this one too: gcc on arm assumes the "char" type to be equal to "unsigned char" by default, which is different from all other platforms we used until now. Compiling SDCC toolchain "out of the box" causes some regression test failures. Adding the -fsigned-char option to the gcc and g++ command line fixes the problem.

It wold be fine to know which part(s) of the SDCC toolchain cause(s) the problem. I'll probably investigate it for next few days.