For making snapshot build, what is the difference between"by hand" and "by srcipt" ?

I succeeded to do the regression test "by hand", but failed "by script".

在2014年07月15 11时38分,"Erik Petrich"<>写道:

On Mon, 14 Jul 2014, Ben Shi wrote:

> Erik,
> Thanks for your help.
> I am trying to make my arm board become a build farm member, by following
> section "How to become a Distributed Compile Farm member (builder)" @ 
> .
>  If I choose the sdcc-build/lib/ you mentioned previously, does
> it means that
> 1. The avr, ds400, pic14, pic16 and tlcs90 ports are not built.

You don't choose sdcc-build/lib/ It it used automatically by
the build scripts/makefiles.

Of the ports that you mention (avr, ds400, pic14, pic16, and tlcs90) only
avr is not built. The others are built, but do not run the regression
tests. The pic14 and pic16 ports need the current version of gputils
installed so that their standard libraries can be built. The
file controls which regression tests are run on which days.

> 2. Before I apply an account from you, I need a internal full  test on my
> board with
>     2.1 configure --disable the above 5 ports
>     2.2 make all
>     2.3 make install
>     2.4 make test
> Right?

Kind of. If gputils is installed properly, you should be able to use
configure without any --disable options. It's also not necessary to
install before running the regression tests (they will automatically use a
relative path to find the locally built executables and libraries). So
it's basically:

  2.1 configure
  2.2 cd support/regression
  2.3 make

If this works, then you'll want to try using the DCF scripts. Follow the
instructions on this page of the wiki:

The final command there

  ~/build/ crontab-spawn 2>&1 | tee ~/build/log.txt

will do everything that's part of the daily snapshots, with the exception
of uploading the final snapshot and regression results to the DCF mediator