Hi!! I'm new with SDCC.
I'm trying to make a function with embedded assembler to drive an A/D converter with SPI protocol.

I cant compile my function, because of this kind of errors:
D:\jt\fc\SDCC\proyfin>make all
sdcc --model-small -c lcd_driver.c
sdcc --model-small -c paulmon2.c
sdcc --model-small -c comm.c
?ASxxxx-Error-<o> in line 446 of comm.asm
              <o> .org in REL area or directive / mnemonic error
removing comm.rel
make: *** [comm.rel] Error 1


I modified the function for testing purposes to a single ASM instruction. Now my function in C looks like this:

int leer_tension(void)
        CLR A
    return 1;

and the line 466 in comm.asm is
;Allocation info for local variables in function 'leer_tension'
;    comm.c 87
;    -----------------------------------------
;     function leer_tension
;    -----------------------------------------
;    comm.c 91
;    genInline
                    CLR A        <<<--- line 446
;    comm.c 93
;    genRet
; Peephole 182   used 16 bit load of dptr
    mov  dptr,#(((0x00)<<8) + 0x01)
    .area CSEG    (CODE)
    .area    XINIT   (CODE)

Any idea?