Thanks for the reply.
Was from the documentation "sdcc -c test.c"  section 2.7 sdccman.html
char test; 
void main(void) { 

With sdcc -mz80 test.c I get
at 1: error 131: cannot generate code for target 'z80'

Sorry to be a pain but I am struggling with this.


2009/3/4 Richard Gray <>
It would be useful to know the actual command that you entered...?

I used something like this when I started off...

sdcc -mz80 test.c

the -mz80 tells sdcc what the target machine CPU is and therefore fairly
essential ;-)

On Wednesday 04 March 2009 22:17:22 Matt Baker wrote:
> Hi
> I can't compile the test.c file following the instructions in the
> documentations.
> I am new to sdcc and Linux...
> Report is
> sdcc: SDCCglue.c:1855: glue: Assertion `mcs51_like' failed.
> Caught signal 6: SIGABRT
> I installed sdcc not built it from source. But I don't remember where I
> downloaded it from.
> *"sdcc --version *reports
> SDCC : avr/pic16/pic14/xa51 2.8.0 #5117 (Jun  2 2008) (UNIX)
> FYI my background is electronics not computers.
> Matt Baker

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