Dear sdcc users and developers,

I've made some changes in sdcc preprocessor sdcpp, which depend on the machine endianness. I'm not sure if the endianness detection works correctly on i386 Mac OS X. Can somebody please try it on svn head or on snapshot build equal or later then sdcc-snapshot-universal-apple-macosx-20111230-7144.tar.bz2?
Running the regression tests would be perfect, but compiling a small "Hello, world!" program which has some preprocessor directives (for example an #include) would be OK too.

And please don't forget to report the results ;-)

P.S.: We already had some conversation about including an i386 Mac OS X machine to the sdcc compile farm some time ago. Is anybody willing to share his i386 Mac OS X machine for making the sdcc snapshot builds?

Thanks for your collaboration,