On 09/24/2011 10:24 AM, Maarten Brock wrote:
Hi Philipp,

Dear sdcc developers,

the Z180 port in the z180 branch is doing well, and I'd like to merge it

Current state:
- - Mostly identical to the Z80 port (thus inherits features like full
bool support and the optimal register allocator)
- - Can use the Z180 mlt instructions for multiplication (this often
results in quite different code than for the Z80 for functions that use
multiplication, since the register allocator rearranges local variables
to put the multiplication operands inthe right places)
- - Passes regression tests.
That sounds good. Did you have to modify the simulator 
as well or was the Z180 already supported? Anyway, from 
your description I have no objections to the merge.

Philipp, what about bug #3413437? Is the "Invalid instruction" caused by bug in the simulator? Or is the Z180 specific mlt instruction, not recognized by Z80 simulator?
I also don't have objections to merge once this is clarified.