For those not following the gputils mailing list: I added the following proposal:

What about making a compromise: just taking the gputils-0.13.7 package, add
the 18f2xk22/pic18f4xk22 support and declare it as gputils-0.13.8 release?

I'll wait 1 week for answers / comments, after that I'll start preparing
the release (since I'm gputils developer too ;-). So if you don't agree
with the proposal, please let me know ASAP!


On 09/14/2011 06:08 PM, Strobl Anton wrote:
Dear Philipp,

a month ago I wrote gputils developer a feature request to release  
gputils in version 0.13.8:

See marco's answer below:

Regards, Strobl Anton

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Initial Comment:
Dear Marco, dear gputils developers,

would it be possible for you to release a gputils 0.13.8 version to  
allow sdcc project to support new pic family 18f2xk22 / 18f4xk22?

Thank you and best regards, Strobl Anton

P.S.: see email from Borut Ra┼żem <borut.razem AT gmail DOT com> sent  
to  gnupic <gnupic AT linuxhacker DOT org> sent on Fri, 15 Jul 2011 :

Hi gputils developers,

sdcc now supports pic 18f2xk22/pic18f4xk22 devices, which are not
supported by the latest gputils-0.13.7, but they are already in the
gputils svn. Is there any chance to release gputils-0.13.8, so that
upcoming sdcc 3.1 release will depend on officially released gputils


Comment By: Marko Kohtala (kohtala)
Date: 2011-09-13 15:32

Sorry to keep you waiting for reply.

I have not done a single release, simply contributed to the code. Maybe
committed a few patches.

Other things have priority in my life, so taking this new task of making a
release is not a possibility for me for some time to come.

I think there are bugs in some of the new parts support. Mostly with the
new instruction set. I had a little time some time ago to start on test
cases to go through all new and old instructions and the new parts, but did
not get to finish it. I'd love to get those tested and fixed before a

This could use some volunteers.


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