please commit the patch.


On 10/16/2010 01:09 PM, Raphael Neider wrote:
Dear fellow developers,
dear Borut,

I just tested

mkdir ~/build
cd ~/build
~/sdcc/configure --prefix=$HOME/sdcc-bla --disable-pic-port --disable-pic16-port && make -j4 -s

on an AMD64 x2 dual core under WinXP using svn r6030 and came across some strange "permission denied" errors on build/large/libfloat.lib et al. that I tracked down to the rules

$(LIBFILES): [...]

in device/lib/Makefile: These rules are invoked for all (four) libraries (float, int, long, sdcc), though each invocation creates all (four) lib*.lib files. In a parallel make, this might lead to race conditions, with multiple make's trying to write to the files. On Linux, this seems to be no problem, on cygwin, this errors out.

The attached patch fixes this problem by splitting the rules to only create a single .lib file each.

Waiting for your (dis-)approval (or commit).

Best regards

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