I wold like to know what is the status of using / distributing Microchip MPASM include files with gpasm:
- is there any "official" statement from Microchip that the include files can be used with gpasm?
- has anybody contact the Microchip to clarify this issue?
- does anybody know a contact person or address at Microchip where I can send an e-mail to get answers about the matter?

I'm asking this because there is no copyright notice (Microchip is mentioned, but not explicitly as a copyright holder) nor any licensing terms in include files.

Sdcc project is using MPASM include files to produce device specific headers and c source files which are part of sdcc run-time libraries. One of goals for the upcoming sdcc 3.0 release is to release the sdcc library under the GPL+LE (see http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sdcc/wiki/Library%20License%20Selection), so that it can be used with closed source (proprietary) software. Part of this task is also clarification of licensing status of MPASM include files.

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