this bug is a side effect of fixing #3027957. I submitted a new bug #3034400.
Thanks for helping me,


On 07/25/2010 09:13 PM, Robert Larice wrote:
Borut Razem <> writes:


If I cmpile it without the __code *, I get the following error message 
for the line "char * correct() { return    (char      __code *) 
0x1234;        }":

error 151: cannot use generic pointer  to initialize <null>

So I don't know if this is done by purpose (conversion from 
"specilaized" to generic pointer is not legal), or it is a bug?

  so this *new* bug is at least a friendly one,
    doesn't segfault, doesn't produce garbage

  I'm too disconnected to have an Idea whats going on here,
    yet I'm confident this hasn't anything to do with the actual
    __builtin_offset implementation.

  Too be shure, one could obviously try this one liner
    char * correct() { return (char __code *) 0x1234; }
  on a recent commit, and see whether it compiled,
    which would mean somebody has allready tried to work around
    that plumbing somewhere else in sdcc.

  Perhaps I'm going to investigate it a bit,
    but don't expect anything soon.


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