I forgot to list files from the "Generic" table.
The (hopefuly) complete table is at http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sdcc/wiki/Files%20and%20Licenses, table "Missing confirmations for license change 2010-07-25".

If anybody knows how to contact persons on the list, please let me know or contact them directly and kindly ask them to send their license change confirmation to sdcc-devel mailnig list.


On 07/25/2010 07:46 PM, Borut Razem wrote:
Phillip, thanks for the response.
See may comments below.


On 07/25/2010 07:11 PM, Philipp Klaus Krause wrote:
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Am 25.07.2010 18:41, schrieb Borut Razem:
Hi sdcc developers,

I'm near to the end of " change sdcc libraries license to GPL+LE" task.

There still some sdcc library files without changed licenses because:

     * the authors (copyright holders) haven't respond me with the
       agreement for license change. I intent to try to contact them
       again, with a statement that if I won't get the answer in two
       weeks, I'll assume that they agree with the license change.
       What do you think about this option?
I don't think there's any jurisdiction on this planet where that would
be OK.

I knew that someone will make such a response, but I tried it anyway :-(

We'll have to remove and rewrite these files or leave them with
their old license.
How many and which files are these?


Here is the list, extracted from http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sdcc/wiki/Files%20and%20Licenses:

./include/mcs51/at89c55.h     Bernd Bartmann
./include/mcs51/at89S8252.h     Michael Schmitt
./include/mcs51/at89s8253.h     Krzysztof Polomka
./include/mcs51/at89x51.h     Bernd Bartmann
./include/mcs51/at89x52.h     Bernd Bartmann
./include/mcs51/cc1110.h     Pravin Angolkar
./include/mcs51/msc1210.h     Philippe Latu
./include/mcs51/P89c51RD2.h     Omar Espinosa
./include/mcs51/P89LPC901.h     Omar Espinosa
./include/mcs51/P89LPC922.h     Omar Espinosa
./include/mcs51/P89LPC932.h     Omar Espinosa
./include/mcs51/reg764.h     Robert Lacoste
./include/mcs51/ser.h          we
./include/mcs51/ser_ir.h     Josef Wolf
./include/mcs51/serial.h     Dmitry S. Obukhov
./include/mcs51/XC866.h          Llewellyn van Zyl

./include/ds80c390.h          Johan Knol
./include/ds390/serial390.h     Johan Knol
./lib/ds390/i2c390.c          Johan Knol
./lib/ds390/tinibios.c          Johan Knol
./lib/ds390/lcd390.c          Johan Knol
./lib/ds390/rtc390.c          Johan Knol

./lib/ds400/tinibios.c          Johan Knol

./include/z80/z180.h          Peter Townson

./include/hc08/mc68hc908jkjl.h     Lucas Loizaga
./include/hc08/mc68hc908apxx.h     Lucas Loizaga
./lib/hc08/_divuint.c          Jean-Louis Vern
./lib/hc08/_divulong.c          Jean-Louis Vern
./lib/hc08/_mullong.c          Jean-Louis Vern

./lib/pic16/libc/stdlib/g_ftoa.c     George Gallant
./lib/pic16/libc/utils/cvtdec.S         George Gallant
./lib/pic16/libsdcc/char/divuchar.c     Jean-Louis Vern
./lib/pic16/libsdcc/int/divuint.c     Jean-Louis Vern
./lib/pic16/libsdcc/long/divulong.c     Jean-Louis Vern

     * the files were automatically generated. This is mostly related to
       pic / pic16 device definition files. Who should be the copyright
       holder for such files: the person who wrote the conversion script,
       the person who made the first svn commit of such a file or ...?
For a file C generated from file A using converter B the copyright
holder would IMO be the one who wrote file A, and depending on how much
has been added to C by B the author of B.

If sorting out this relicensing stuff seems to messy for the 3.0
release, I'd say we could go ahead as long as the files that do not have
a license compatible with GPL+LE only affect some ports.

I would really like to know your opinions, so please respond to this mail!

In the mean time we can start the discussion about the sdcc 3.0.0
release. There are quite some bugs on the SDCC 2.0.0 Release list at
https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sdcc/wiki/SDCC%203.0.0%20Release. Does
anybody intent to fix them?
Currently there are 112 open bugs in the bug tracker. I would really
like to keep this number below 100 for the release.

I would like to know about your plans, so again: please respond to this

Sounds good. I might not have much time, but will try to look into all
80-specific bugs (including two that currently are not in the tracker,
but will be once I've got enough info).

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