Hi All.
I am playing with MPLAB+SDCC, I have sdcc-mplab & gputils-mplab patches installed, toolchains changed but SDCC shows problems with processor.
In build settings is impossible to set other assembler than gpasm but compiler is looking for 18F2220 (mpasm) not 18f2220 (gpasm).
Any idea?  Thank You.

Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files.

Clean: Done.

Executing: "C:\Program Files\SDCC\bin\sdcc.exe" svetlo.c -c -mpic16 -p18F2220 -l"C:\Program Files\SDCC\lib\pic16" -I"C:\Program Files\SDCC\include\pic16"

//here is list of available procs

p18f1220 p18f1320 p18f2220 p18f2221 p18f2320 p18f2321

// other procs

'18F2220' was not found.

Valid devices are (use --verbose for more details):

BUILD FAILED: Tue Jun 22 02:25:29 2010