I located the source of the problem in timetable.h.

  int i;
  int t1, t2;

  t1 = t2 = t->size;
  for(i = *t->ptr - 1; i >= 0; --i) {
    if(t->timestamps[i].id == id1) {
      t1 = i;

I see that the array dereference would use multiplication with the int i.  I don't understand why this cause an assertion failure.

Any thoughts?

Anthony Asterisk wrote:
Hello sdcc-users,

I recently started using sdcc. I'm working on porting contiki-OS to an 8051 based system. I downloaded the latest source code (10-28-09) compiled and installed, but when I compile contiki I get an assertion failure in convilong.

The assertion message and compilation flags are:

sdcc -DCONTIKI_TARGET_WGN_BRIONE -DBRIONE_VER=4 -DBRIONE_DEV_VER=3 -DBRIONE_EXP_ENABLE -DBRIONE_LED_DISABLE -DBRIONE_LIGHT_SENSOR_DISABLE -DBRIONE_BUTTONS_DISABLE --std-c99 --model-large --stack-auto -DSDCC_CC2430 -DRIME_CONF_NO_POLITE_ANNOUCEMENTS -I. -I../../platform/wgn-brione/. -I../../platform/wgn-brione/dev -I../../cpu/cc2430/. -I../../cpu/cc2430/dev -I../../core/dev -I../../core/lib -I../../core/net -I../../core/net/mac -I../../core/net/rime -I../../core/net/routing -I../../core/sys -I../../core/cfs -I../../core/ctk -I../../core/lib/ctk -I../../core/loader -I../../core/. -c ../../core/sys/timetable.c -o obj_wgn-brione/timetable.o

sdcc: SDCCopt.c:707: convilong: Assertion `0' failed. Caught signal 6: SIGABRT
make: *** [obj_wgn-brione/timetable.o] Error 1

sdcc -v shows:

user@instant-contiki:~/contiki-2.x/examples/accel_demo$ sdcc -v

SDCC : mcs51/gbz80/z80/avr/ds390/pic16/pic14/TININative/xa51/ds400/hc08
2.9.4 #5556 (Oct 29 2009) (UNIX)

 I'm attaching timetable.c and various header files as a zip, I don't see any mult, div, or mod functions. I see only pointer dereferences (*).

Any advice you can give for a workaround would be greatly appreciated.