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Bob Stafford wrote:

> Can anyone suggest a loader to run on a Linux platform to load a compiled
> link program to a AT89C51 via tha PC's parellel port .
> Thanks
> Bob Stafford
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Much easier to use an 89S8252, the 89C51 needs parallel programming - not
enough pins on parallel port.  Somebody has probaly written a program for
the 89S8252 already.  This part is better then the 89C51 anyway

Graeme Woollett

Actually, he is using a 89S8252 ;-)

Let me be more specific:
Is there any Linux based loaders that use the par-port on the PC to program
the 89S8252 via the MOSI, MISO lines (i.e. SPI)?

There are various ones that people have done in WIN32 and DOS, but we're
looking for one that is Linux and/or open source.

Anyone know of one?

Dean Nelson