Hi all,

first of all, huge thanks for sdcc.

I'm making a project with a pic 18f452.
I'm using the mplab + sdcc integration I found on the web.
All is well, except that now my project gets "real" and I need asctime(), and this function is not defined. Here is my linker command line:

Executing: "C:\sdcc\bin\sdcc.exe"  "C:\sources\code\main.o" "C:\sources\code\rtc.o" "C:\sources\code\display.o" "C:\sources\code\serial.o" "C:\sources\code\i2c.o" "C:\sdcc\lib\pic16\libc18f.lib" -o"picounter.HEX" -mpic16 -p18F452
message: using default linker script "C:\Program Files\gputils\lkr\18f452.lkr"
error: missing definition for symbol "_asctime", required by "C:\sources\code\main.o"
Link step failed.

C:\Documents and Settings\squalyl>sdcc --version
SDCC : mcs51/gbz80/z80/avr/ds390/pic16/pic14/TININative/xa51/ds400/hc08 2.9.4 #5582 (Dec  6 2009) (MINGW32)

A simple workaround could be the direct inclusion of the related source in my project, but I would prefer to do things properly.

a #pragma library c and a -llibc18f.lib linker option changed nothing.

regards and thanks