The Storys wrote:
Did you have to get write access to update them ?
I believe all developers have write access to the web page.  I'm one of those lesser developers, compared to the giants like Johan, Bernhard, Michael, and Sandeep.  But in a delusion of grandure I picked up a copy of the Muchnick book :)  Maybe someday.....  my more immediate plans sdcc-wise are mostly novice-oriented tutorials, greatly expaning on my initial attempt here:
I would like to include the docs there as well, and propose a cleaner structure, etc.  But i really dont want to bug someone to update the pages whenever i find a spelling error.
You can bug me if you like.  I'm not sure how one goes about getting access lately, but if you're really interested in becoming the website maintainer and you make a lot of good contributions (that others have to post), I'm sure it will not go unnoticed and write access will eventually happen somehow.  I am definately not the one who can grant it to you, but if you copy and edit the html, or even just write plain text that looks good, I'll post it... hopefully without too much delay.