Hi List,
I'm very new to SDCC. I'm just starting to develop a project using a pic18f66j60 device to connect a motor drive to an ip network. MY plan is to have a webserver (http/tcp) control protocol that can be accessed through a web browser or other software.  So far i've had an attempt at getting the microchip free tcp/ip stack to compile in sdcc with the correct target. I've found a few complications, primarily language syntax such as packed structs and a rom declaration in a function header that doesn't seem to be supported by SDCC (I assume this is specific to the microchip compiler). Has anyone had any success compiling the microchip tcp/ip stack? or is there a GPLd stack that I could use instead. The pic18 device i'm planning to use includes an integrated ethernet controller, but i'm open to suggestions for other controllers that might be easier to implement.
Any help would be gratefully received as i'm pretty stuck at the moment and not looking forward to rewriting a lot of microchip source code.