I am using SDCC (small device c compiler)on Linux to compile a C code for the 8051 core to execute.. The VHDL source code I use for the Core is available free from Oregano Systems.

On Linux I do,
sddc test.c(compiling the code , this gives me .ihx file)
and then
packihx test.ihx > test.hex (This gives me a hex file).

Can anyone help me to know what is the next step?
Where do I keep this .hex file for the CPU to execute the binary.?

The CORE I downloaded has 3 memories in it(RAM,RAMX,ROM)
Has anybody tried it in his/her project?

I tried to copy the .hex file into the rom.dua(ROM) file for Oregano design but it does not seem to work.

Since , I use pure VHDL design, there is no serial port /parallel port concept(I use no kit)

For your reference , I am attaching test.c, test.hex files along with the mail.
In short, my question is -

Where do I keep my compiled hex file for the CPU to execute it(the binary)?