dear sir

i am trivikram, working as R&D engineer in efftronics systems,INDIA.
i have downloaded SDCC from net and using this compilerin my 8051 project
previously i had developed code in assembly for my proejct using another assembler
now i want write code in c for the present modules of project using SDCC
for this, first i need to convert my previous assembly code to get assembled in SDCC
because my assembler OBJECT CODE and SDCC object code cannot be linked
for this, i studied SDCC assembler and used the directives but i didn't get the macros defining in the ASSEMBLER
is macro defining availables in the sdcc assembler
if so, please tell me how to define the macros

i am waiting for ur reply sir

                  thanking u sir
with regards

R&D engineer
efftronics systems pvt ltd