Johan. Thanks, its a innovative creation and idea. I'll read it.

Johan Lidberg <> wrote:
Hi Irvan

Text to PDU conversion is about filling in the correct bits and bytes
according to some ETSI specifications. The actual message text needs to
be shifted as 7-bit ascii into an array of octets at the end of the PDU.

If you start from scratch you have to read the relevant specifications
at European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

I made a small hobby project based on Atmel 89S53, Ericsson SH888 and
SDCC that does PDU-based SMS send/receive.
You can check that out on my homepage.

If you want to check out a larger implementation in C, se gsmlib.


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[] För Irvan Nasrullah
Skickat: den 4 februari 2005 07:45
Ämne: [Sdcc-user] Text to PDU, PDU to Text

How to convert Text to PDU, PDU to Text for SMS communication with C
languange in SDCC ?


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