thaks for giving info.Actually previously didn't go through the 80320 and its feature.but now i gone through it and once again the documentation.

But in 320 we have additional feature (SFR). Is there any patch available to make use of these feature or we have to write it our self.



roelof 't Hooft <roelofh@itholland.com> wrote:
** Reply to note from "Bernhard Held" Wed, 15 Oct 2003 08:27:11 +0200
> ROTFL. You obviously never had a look at the source neither did you
> seriously read the documentation. Before you go on asking questions like
> this you should better catch up.
> There's already a port for ds390:

Vijay, Bernard

The Dallas 80c320 is actually a fast 8051 core so there is no
need to "port" anything in sdcc. I think the default mode -mcs51
will support this processor just fine.
Have a look here for some more information :

The Dallas 80c390 on the other hand is just a more difficult
8051 clone with extended memory range and CAN controllers and.....


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