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A simulation-based tool developed to allow the DOE Institutional Conservation Program (ICP) staff and participants to reliably determine the energy savings directly attributable to ICP-supported retrofit measures implemented in a building. RESEM (Retrofit Energy Savings Estimation Model) calculates long-term energy savings directly from actual utility data, with corrections for weather and use variations between the pre-retrofit and post-retrofit utility data collection periods.

Keywords: retrofit, institutional buildings

Expertise Required: Moderate level of computer literacy; familiarity with building energy concepts.

Users: Over 50.

Audience: Building managers and energy retrofit engineers.

Input: Minimal required input includes: original year of building construction, total floor area, building type, utility data for both pre- and post-retrofit periods, and a description of the installed retrofit measures. Detailed building component description data may also be entered. All data are entered and viewed through a DOS-based graphical user interface.

Output: Long-term energy consumption and retrofit savings for each fuel type.

Computer Platform: PC-compatible running MS-DOS.

Programming Language: C with third party user interface library

Strengths: Interactive user interface tailored to the retrofit energy savings estimation process, complete simulatable building description generated from minimal user input, fast embedded simulation engine, semi-automated process for tuning building simulation to measured utility data, numerous retrofit measures can be automatically applied to the building description.

Weaknesses: Restricted to standard 640K of RAM.

Contact: William L. Carroll
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mail Stop 90-3111
1 Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, California 94720
telephone (510) 486-4890
facsimile (510) 486-4089
e-mail WLCarroll@lbl.gov
web http://eande.lbl.gov/BTP/resem.htm

Availability: Through the web site.

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Last updated: 24 March 1997