What else optimizations should be disabled ? Since I want to see the real raw icode list by SDCCicode.c.


在2014年01月18 13时31分,"Erik Petrich"<>写道:

On Sat, 18 Jan 2014, Ben Shi wrote:

> Hello,
> According to the  "static operand *geniCodeLogicAndOr (ast * tree, int lvl)
> " at line 2996 in SDCCicode.c, the generated iCode should have a falseLabel
> in front of a trueLabel (line 3047 - 3055).
> However, I can see this with the attached dddd.c -> dddd.dumpraw0,
> but for the cccc.c -> cccc.dumpraw0,
> 1. the trueLabel is missing
> 2. the falseLabel is behind, not in front
> Ben

iCodeLabelOptimize() runs before the dumpraw0 file is created and may
change some things. If you use the --nolabelopt option to disable these
optimizations, I think you will see what you are expecting.