Georg , 

I have interests in your stm8 libraries, and really hope can help you after finishing my current plan on SDCC.
1. improve the ucsim-stm8
2. setup a new arm-ubuntu in the build farm
3. open bugs / feature-requests of stm8

I would like to add your library support as an item #4Maybe your code can be placed in sdcc/device/lib/stm8/ or sdcc/device/non-free/lib/ in the future. 


 在2014年07月02 11时42分,"Georg Icking-Konert"<>写道:

hello all,

as you may know, STM provides a standard peripheral library for STM8 and STM32, which can be downloaded from and is the basis for many STM8 projects. Recently I ported most functions to SDCC. Exceptions are SW traps and near / far pointer types (see previous mail). Also testing is still very rudimentary.

Some points / questions to the community:

For your feedback thanks a lot in advance!

Regards, Georg