Thanks for your help.

I am trying to make my arm board become a build farm member, by following section "How to become a Distributed Compile Farm member (builder)" @ .

If I choose the sdcc-build/lib/ you mentioned previously, does it means that

1. The avr, ds400, pic14, pic16 and tlcs90 ports are not built.
2. Before I apply an account from you, I need a internal full  test on my board with
    2.1 configure --disable the above 5 ports
    2.2 make all
    2.3 make install
    2.4 make test



在2014年07月11 16时04分,"Erik Petrich"<>写道:

On Fri, 11 Jul 2014, Ben Shi wrote:

> Hi,
> I am setting up an ARMv7 build machine. I find that the others in the build
> farm only do regression test on 8-9 ports.
> For example,
> regression-test-amd64-unknown-linux2.5-20140710-9043.log
> That hc08, pic, z80, tlcs90 are not tested.
> Why ?
> Ben

I think you must have missed my previous reply on this topic that mostly
answers this question. See the archive copy here:

I don't have an answer for tlcs90. I suppose it could be added if Philipp
thinks it's ready.


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