Hi Jan,

I'm using a PICKIT 2 from Microchip. Using Jeff's pk2 command line program to flash my code into the program memory. Already contacted pickit-pro development mailing list and himself.


On 10/19/07, sdcc@dummgebabbel.de <sdcc@dummgebabbel.de> wrote:

Stanley Lee wrote:
> I haven't tried pk2 on a PIC16F mcu yet. I have talked to Microchip
> technical support about my problem, and they suggested that it could be
> b/c of pk2 not sending the fusebit controls properly. Jan is ordering
> some 2620 and working on it to see whether the same problem is
> replicated on his side.

I exchange the pic18f2220 with a brand new 18f2620 and burned your code
into the pic. It works. The Leds are blinking. Without pressing reset or
unplugging the power supply etc.
The LED are blinking with almost 2Hz.

My Setup here:
- Taid like parallel port pic programmer (from sprut.de)
- I used
piklab-prog --programmer=direct --port=/dev/parport0 --device=18f2620
--command=program LED_toggle.hex
to burn the programm on the pic.
- VCC and MCLR are connected to the rest of the circuit with a zener diode.
- The pic i powered via a USB connector from the PC.

What kind of programmer are you using?


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