Hi Jan,

Just modified your code on the PIC18F2220, and it finally worked consistently. I think what went wrong must have been with that particular PIC18F2620. Thanks for everyone's help! Last spam for me on this topic finally.


On 10/9/07, sdcc@dummgebabbel.de <sdcc@dummgebabbel.de > wrote:
Stanley Lee schrieb:
> Hi,
> I have incorporated Jan's suggestions into the code, and apparently got
> the same behaviour. Is it possible to get from you, Jan, the modified
> code that you have for the PIC18F2220 as I try on that particular mcu?
> Attached to the email is the code.

that pretty strange. Attached to this mail you find the code. You could
try the following:
- exchange _MCLRE_MCLR_OFF_RE3_ON_3H with _MCLRE_MCLR_ON_RE3_OFF_3H and
try if your code runs if you press reset.
- you configure osc_output on RA6 (_OSC_INTIO7_1H) try to measure with
an oscilloscope if clock is running while your pic refuses to do so.
- try, if possible, to use an external clock or to lower the internal clock.


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