I have sent Jan a copy of the Makefile and source code. I will be testing modified version of the source code and Makefile on a PIC16F877a to see if anything different would result. Please feel free to ask me for the files if you're interested.


On 10/5/07, sdcc@dummgebabbel.de <sdcc@dummgebabbel.de > wrote:
Stanley Lee schrieb:
> Hi,

The above places for sdcc, gputils etc. look good.

> Anyway, there is one strange thing that I have found. I have modified
> jan's template as shown in the attached zip file and still got the
> following error message:
> [error message start]
> prak@prak-laptop:/media/sda5/LED_toggle$ make

What did you change in the Makefile looks like you exchanged sdcc to
gplink in the
LNK = $(TOOLSDIR)/bin/sdcc
line. Did you?
Use sdcc to link your files not gplink direclty. sdcc will use gplink
with the correct paths/options etc.

> However, when I have modified another Makefile and code similar to the
> one Xiaofan's last reply suggested, I manage to get a hex file created
> in the end. However, it had the same behaviour as the one I have made
> with piklab, which is my code doesn't automatically execute whenever I
> apply an external power supply. It only executes when I plug in my
> PICKIT2 after instructing PICKIT2 to be on with the command "pk2 -on".
> I'm beginning to suspect that this is a hardware problem, perhaps with
> the power on timer and the brown out register.

Please, if possible, send me

1. Your code
2. the Makefile

I will check it on a pic18f2320 on my boards here.


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