Once again, thanks to Jan and Raphael for their help for getting me started with a template for the C codes on SDCC fusebit syntax. My newest version of the LED blinking code is posted on http://www.dutchforce.com/~eforum/index.php?showtopic=14788.

However, I am having a problem of my PIC18F2620 not starting the control execution properly when I use my DC adapter as the power source. Eventually, I will be using the microcontroller on a portable battery, but for now, I'm using a DC adapter for development and testing purposes. I am suspecting that either I'm not setting the fusebits properly or I'm experiencing a problem with my power supply, which might require me to set up brown out reset and power up timer. How can I tell whether I have a fusebit configuration problem or whether I have a problem with my power supply?