Below is a sample code that's supposed to flash 8 LEDs on port b at 5 Hz. I have modified the .h file to correspond to the one included in the latest SDCC snapshot. However, I'm not sure how to change the "#pragma config..." line to correspond to the same command in SDCC. That particular line is for MPLAB C18 C compiler. Can someone lend me a hand on how to get started with regards to dealing with that line?

#include <pic18f2620.h>

#pragma config WDT = OFF, OSC = INTIO67  // WDT off, int RC osc,
                                         // RA6 & RA7 as I/O
                                         // See 18F Config Addendum,
                                         // p. 116

void delay(int dly)
   while(--dly > 0)
     dly = dly;


void main()
   OSCCON = 0x72;   // Int osc at 8 MHz
                    // See p. 30 of 18F2620 data sheet

   ADCON1 = 0x0f;   // All ports digital 
                    // See 18F2620 data sheet, p. 94
   ADCON2 = 0x05;   // Set AN10-AN12 on PORTB as digital I/O
                    // See p. 224 of 18F2620 data sheet

   TRISB = 0;       // All PORTB lines as outputs

      PORTB = 0x55; //  Flash 8 LEDs on PORTB in checkerboard pattern
      delay(6500);  //  at approx 5 Hz
      PORTB = 0xAA;