There is a XA-G39 and a XA-G49.
I went to a trade show and a rep from NXP called the XA a beast.
But I like it. It is fast enough to refresh a 320x240 lcd while running other tasks.
8 bit NXP 8051 parts are not fast enough for my lcd project. Too bad it
is no longer in production, which occurred a few years ago.

From: Jan Waclawek <>
To: Development chatter about sdcc <>
Sent: Thu, January 26, 2012 2:11:40 AM
Subject: Re: [sdcc-devel] 8051XA port

>How does the xa differ from the 8051?

It's a 16-bit extension to the 8051 by Philips.

It maintains a assembler-level compatibility with 8051 (except one instruction, XCHD, which is a quite exotic relic from 8048 and very rarely used).

By now, it's completely discontinued AFAIK.

Jan Waclawek

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